2019-2020 Weikart Center Network Leader Roadmap Webinar Series

Foundations of SEL Quality Improvement

2019-2020 Weikart Center Network Leader Roadmap Webinar Series

The goal of this series is to share best practices and build a learning community of network leaders guiding YPQI, including networks exploring a focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).  This year the series will focus on strategies that support program quality while also serving as a foundation for more in-depth SEL work.

Adult Self-Awareness: The Foundation of SEL

Research into SEL best practices has consistently shown that adults’ awareness of their own social, emotional and cognitive needs is foundational to supporting SEL skills in young people. This webinar will provide an introduction to the Weikart Center's approach to supporting adults as they develop more self-awareness around SEL.

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Planning for Data: A Design Conversation

Join Dr. Krista Collins, the Weikart Center Research Director, for an interactive conversation about evaluation design. Krista will walk through our consultative approach to supporting clients to develop logic models, identify evaluation needs, design a data collection strategy, and produce user-friendly reports to drive critical conversations and quality improvement efforts.

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Quality Management Practices: SEL for Managers and Administrators

How can programs create a culture that supports continuous social and emotional learning? Join the Weikart Center’s design team to explore how managers and administrators can create environments that support adult SEL skill development, so that those adults can create environments that support SEL skill development in young people.

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The Weikart Center’s work has always been based on a combination of research and best practices from the field. This webinar series draws from the Weikart Center’s roots in youth programming that emphasizes planning and reflection for the purpose of empowering all youth to be leaders. This series is intended for anyone that works directly with youth or at a youth-serving agency.

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