Youth Worker Series

YOUTH WORKER SERIES: Getting Back to Our Roots

2019-2020 Weikart Center Youth Worker Webinar Series

The Weikart Center’s work has always been based on a combination of research and best practices from the field. This webinar series draws from the Weikart Center’s roots in youth programming that emphasizes planning and reflection for the purpose of empowering all youth to be leaders.

Why Planning and Reflection?

From toddlers to youth serving institutions, everyone benefits from engaging in a plan-do-reflect cycle. This deep dive into planning and reflection explores the research around cognitive development and how a planning and reflection cycle supports learning, and then shares examples of ways to incorporate these strategies into participants’ own programs.

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Quality Lesson Planning: Lessons from the Institute for IDEAS

The concepts reflected in the Weikart Center’s Youth Work Methods series and the Youth PQA were first derived from staff practices at the HighScope Institute for IDEAS, a summer camp for youth 14-17 started by David & Phyllis Weikart that ran from 1963-2006. The Institute for IDEAS approach to working with youth was premised on theory and research which showed youth are best prepared for the transition to early adulthood through opportunities to explore their own identity, relationships and abilities in the safety of an environment with clear structure and limits. The residential summer program was a pioneer in focusing on young people’s strengths, rather than problems.

Using the Institute for IDEAS program design as a model, learn how to design activities and projects to be intentional along with tips for developing lesson plans that incorporate the best practices measured by the PQA.

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Youth Voice and Leadership

The most meaningful way to support SEL skill development in youth is to share power with young people in school and program spaces by elevating youth’s voices. Youth voice plays a critical role in a strong democracy and providing opportunities for young people to lead and be heard helps to build skills needed for a vibrant future. This webinar will focus on strategies to incorporate youth voice and provide youth with meaningful leadership roles.

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Check out the 2019-2020 Network Leader Roadmap Webinar Series Here!

The goal of this series is to share best practices and build a learning community of network leaders guiding YPQI, including networks exploring a focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).  This year the series will focus on strategies that support program quality while also serving as a foundation for more in-depth SEL work.

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