2015-2016 Network Leader Roadmap Webinar Series Archive

YPQI Kick-Off:  (Re) Introducing the Quality Improvement Cycle

Share strategies for using Kick-Off meetings to introduce stakeholders to the quality improvement cycle, including strategies for re-engaging experienced sites and engaging multiple stakeholders from administrators to part time staff.

Best Practices for Self Assessment

From a PQA Basics Training to the submission of self-assessment data, how can sites be best supported in navigating the self-assessment process?

Best Practices for External Assessment

Share tips for recruiting assessors and designing an effective and efficient external assessment process.





TA Brief 2- External Assessment

An overview of the YPQI External Assessment Process


External Assessor Workshop Process

An overview of the External Assessor Workshop, including pre-workshop expectations and a summary agenda


External Assessment Planning Sheet

A document for sites to fill out and return to the network lead to assist in assessment scheduling

Schools Out Washington YPQI

YPQI External Assessor Coach Application

A job description and application for a coach-assessor position

New Orleans YPQI

OK External Assessor Protocol

A detailed protocol for conducting external assessments

Oklahoma 21stCCLC YPQI

Learning Community Webinar 

A recording from a webinar with Weikart's measures specialist, Dr. Barb Hillaker. Addresses frequently misunderstood items and other scoring questions.



Facilitating Successful Planning with Data Meetings

Learn strategies for creating the most productive space for sites to use data to drive improvement.  This will include discussing best practices for: who should attend what types of data to use and follow-up.


How to Create Strong Improvement Plans

Focused improvement plans lead to improved quality and network leaders can support sites in the creation of strong improvement plans. 

Implementing Improvement Plans and Keeping the Quality Work Alive

After the assessment and planning stages, sites should move into implementing plans and making changes in their programming. Network leads can support this process in a variety of ways including providing professional development resources, coaching site managers and holding sites accountable.

Planning with Data for Network Leads Part 1: The Data

Just like individual programs, networks should incorporate time to reflect on their process and making plans to improve and sustain the quality work.  The first part of this two-part webinar series will dig into the data sources available to network leaders and best practices for using that data to make adjustments to the quality improvement system.

Planning with Data for Network Leads Part 2: The People

The second part of our Network Level Planning with Data webinar will discuss best practices for engaging the people involved in the quality improvement system in a reflection process.  This can include coaches, external assessors, trainers or other network level staff, all of whom may have valuable insights, questions and feedback about the quality system.

Webinar Recording


Staff Summer Learning Loss and the Quality Improvement Cycle

As youth programs have staff and scheduling changes over the summer it is easy for the gains in quality to be lost.  Share strategies for keeping the quality work alive through the summer. 

Webinar Recording


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