Bridge Conference 2014: Making Learning Personal

Charles Smith, executive director at the Weikart Center gave two presentations at the Bridge Conference in October. The first was titled Afterschool Quality Linked to School Success Outcomes and introduced a model for how skills are developed in afterschool programs and how these skills might transfer to other settings. He then presented replicated findings that confirm the importance of program quality in demonstrating school outcomes – and discussed why social and emotional skills are a likely unmeasured link in this chain. The second was titled Building Social Emotional Skills in Afterschool: Early findings from SCE’s SEL Challenge and described a study of eight exemplary programs that build social emotional learning (SEL) skills in teens. 


Author: Charles Smith

Publisher: David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality

2014_10_24_Bridge _1_School_Success_FINAL.pdf - 2.7 MB
2014_10_24_Bridge_2_SEL_FINAL.pdf - 1.83 MB

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