Emma Bergman

Emma Bergman brings her passion for positive youth development and background in dynamic clinical intervention to her work as a facilitator. Trained in social work, Emma has been developing Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs and providing training and facilitation with youth programs for several years. As the former Clinical Director and Director of Operations for the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory (PWBF). Emma built an SEL program in conjunction with a boatbuilding and environmental science after school program. Emma's commitment to active learning and engagement balanced with supportive counseling and safe environment coalesced at the PWBF and continues to grow throughout her career in the field. 

Emma is particularly committed to using trauma-informed principles and practices that attend to social location and intersectional oppression in supporting equitable best practice for all youth. Emma believes that SEL is deeply human and universal for adults and youth alike, and is committed to using SEL skills and knowledge to contribute to a more equitable world in which all youth have access to high quality out of school time programming. In addition to youth work, Emma is also a psychotherapist for adults in Philadelphia. In her free time, Emma enjoys cycling, gardening, engaging in community initiatives, baking, boating, and participating in revolution.