Youth and School-Age PQA Take-It-Back Resources

Please use the downloadable resources on this page to help prepare your self-assessment team for assessment and improvement planning. The resources are intended to support taking the Youth or School-Age PQA Basics back to your staff team.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send them to

Click here to download a pdf of the Program Quality Assessment that best suits your program.

Interested in incorporating a video scoring opportunity to practice observational note taking into your staff team training?  Go to  Password: issues.  This video can be used to score a variety of scales including warm welcome, encouragement, and emotional climate in the YPQA. 

Please encourage your staff to take the free and brief Introduction to the PQA and Self Assessment course.There is no enrollment necessary for this course. 

Are you an endorsed, reliable external assessor? Click here for resources for external assessors


                Youth and School-Age PQA Resources