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SOWA SLPQA Assessor Refresher webinar-06/03/2016 6/3/2016
South Carolina 21st CCLC Academic Skills Building webinar- 02/13/2017 2/13/2017
SLPQI Network Leader Webinar - Part 3: End of Summer Reflection and Network Level Planning 8/15/2018
SLPQI Network Leader Webinar - Part 2: Performance Feedback and Improvement 5/10/2018
SLPQI Network Leader Webinar - Part 1: Planning & Assessment 3/1/2018
SLPQI Intro & Assessor Coach Course webinar-04/06/2016 4/6/2016
SLPQI Data Collector Webinar- 6/11/2015 6/11/2015
SLPQI Assessor Coach Webinar- 03/04/2016 3/4/2016
SLPQI Assessor Coach Informational Webinar- 03/17/2016 3/17/2016
Should Out-of-School Staff Be Trained Like Teachers? Providing high-quality, cost-effective professional development can be a challenge for out-of-school time programs, because many of them face limited funding and their staff members tend to be young, part-time workers who rarely commit to the job for long. Debate is stirring over what core competencies these workers should possess. How can OST programs provide professional development that increases staff effectiveness while maintaining staffers' distinctiveness from the traditional teacher? Participants listened to two OST experts discuss the latest ideas on providing professional development for staff members. 5/14/2012