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Expanded Learning Initiative (ELI) Learning Community Call 6.27.2013 This Learning Community call provides updates of the work that has been happening in Seattle, Chicago and Nashville. 6/27/2013
External Assessor Learning Community Reflection webinar-11/18/2016 11/18/2016
External Assessor Learning Community Webinar - 12/15/2015 12/15/2015
External Assessor Learning Community Webinar 10/20/2015 10/20/2015
Field Consultant Learning Community Webinar - 12/3/2015 12/3/2015
FLBC Improvement Planning Webinar 4/9/2014 4/9/2014
From Quality to Outcomes Webinar Afterschool providers have long believed that the quality of their programs makes a difference in the lives of the young people they serve. This webinar presents the QuEST framework as a support for thinking about how individual youth change as a result of OST experience. Researchers from University of Pittsburgh, American Institutes for Research, Public Profit and the Weikart Center will present aligned evidence from several evaluation studies that measure both quality and outcomes. 3/26/2013
Ft. Worth Scores Reporter Webinar - 2/27/2015 2/27/2015
Horizons National Scores Reporter Demo Webinar - 5/1/2018 5/1/2018
Horizons National: SLPQI Kickoff Webinar - 4/23/2018 4/23/2018