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What's Next? Series - Youth Program Quality Scorecard: Leading Indicators of Youth Engagement Learn about a process for leveraging organizational quality indicators that go beyond point-of-service quality. The Leading Indicators can be used as a diagnostic assessment of the policies and practices that support youth engagement. Feed data from parents, youth and staff back to programs (as well as to state, federal or foundation funders) for localized improvement in large-scale, multi-site programs. 2/12/2013
2013 Oklahoma 21st CCLC Grantee Profile Webinar Covering the Grantee Profile in PPICS! 1/25/2013
Arkansas 21st CCLC Grantee Profile Orientation – December 2012 Getting acquainted with the Grantee Profile in PPICS! 12/14/2012
Coaching for Continuous Improvement Introduction This 1-hour introductory webinar sets the stage for participants attending the Coaching for Continuous Improvement training September 26-28, 2012. An overview of training logistics as well as general coaching philosophies is presented. 9/14/2012
New York State Office of Children and Family Services Program Quality Assessment Kickoff The kickoff webinars held in September 2012 provide an overview the NYS-OCFS Program Quality Assessment, its use in the Assess-Plan-Improve Process, and specifics about the steps of the assessment process. 9/5/2012
TOT Grad Homework Help This webinar highlights updates to the Homework Help guidebook as well as the live training agenda. 5/22/2012
Camp Fire Summer Self Assessment This webinar is an introduction to program self assessment for summer councils participating in the Camp Fire USA Program Quality Intervention. 5/22/2012
TOT Grad Active Learning This webinar highlights updates to the Active Learning guidebook as well as the live training agenda. 5/15/2012
Should Out-of-School Staff Be Trained Like Teachers? Providing high-quality, cost-effective professional development can be a challenge for out-of-school time programs, because many of them face limited funding and their staff members tend to be young, part-time workers who rarely commit to the job for long. Debate is stirring over what core competencies these workers should possess. How can OST programs provide professional development that increases staff effectiveness while maintaining staffers' distinctiveness from the traditional teacher? Participants listened to two OST experts discuss the latest ideas on providing professional development for staff members. 5/14/2012
TOT Grad Cooperative Learning This webinar highlights updates to the Cooperative Learning guidebook as well as the live training agenda. 5/8/2012