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MOST Improvement Planning Webinar - 4/3/2014 4/3/2014
Michigan 21st CCLC Learning Community Webinar - Family Engagement - 3/21/2014 This webinar shares the evidence base, content, and feedback from a family engagement initiative piloted in Michigan 21st century community learning centers during the 2013-14 program year. 3/21/2014
Network Leader Learning Community: Effective External Assessment There are lots of moving parts in planning for external assessment. Learn tips for scheduling, preparing assessors and sites, managing data collection and tracking assessments. Begin with the end in mind to make the process as smooth as possible! 8/20/2013
Leveraging Mapping Technology Webinar All communities know where their schools are. But few have thorough information on other resources – libraries, youth centers, out-of-school time sites and religious programs. What do these settings offer? Who has access? How do they connect with schools? Ready Communities helps leaders answer these questions with powerful yet simple mapping technology. Learn how to leverage this technology to get a clear picture of the places where youth spend their time. 7/25/2013
Network Leader Learning Community: The Care and Feeding of Quality Improvement Systems Network Leader Learning Community: The Care and Feeding of Quality Improvement Systems 7/16/2013
Expanded Learning Initiative (ELI) Learning Community Call 6.27.2013 This Learning Community call provides updates of the work that has been happening in Seattle, Chicago and Nashville. 6/27/2013
Texas 21st CCLC Student Survey Administration Webinar Texas 21st CCLC Student Survey Administration Webinar 5/6/2013
Program Quality Assessment Supplements: Applications in a Variety of Content Areas and Settings Webinar Hear specifics about the Youth Program Quality Assessment 4/4/2013
From Quality to Outcomes Webinar Afterschool providers have long believed that the quality of their programs makes a difference in the lives of the young people they serve. This webinar presents the QuEST framework as a support for thinking about how individual youth change as a result of OST experience. Researchers from University of Pittsburgh, American Institutes for Research, Public Profit and the Weikart Center will present aligned evidence from several evaluation studies that measure both quality and outcomes. 3/26/2013
2013 Oklahoma 21st CCLC Leading Indicator Report Webinar Covering the Leading Indicator Reports 2/13/2013