Youth Work Management Training of Trainers

The Youth Work Management TOT prepares external consultants to support program staff in implementing the assess-plan-improve sequence.The following are typical tasks involved:

TOCSupport assessment:

  1. Help Managers plan YPQI sequence
  2. Coach YPQI team in data collection
  3. Support other data collection (Form B, yth survey, attendance data, etc.)
  4. Support participants of PQA Basics online     

Support improvement planning:

  1. Coach YPQI Team through improvement planning process
  2. Deliver Planning With Data workshop
  3. Deliver Planning With Data short versions

Support improvement:

  1. Conduct observation-reflection
  2. Support Managers to do observation-reflection
  3. Help Managers set priorities
  4. Help Managers gauge progress
  5. Help with resource management

Who should attend?

Training prerequisites include completion of YPQA Basics, YPQA External Assessor, and Planning with Data workshops.  Completion of the Quality Coaching workshop is recommended but not required. 

Time Commitment:

This training last two days, typically from 8:30 – 5:30 both days.


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