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Youth Service Providers Build a Tool to Measure Their Impact (Seattle, Washington) Nonprofits collect data skills and dispositions that kids need for success 1/1/2015
The Youth Program Quality Intervention (YPQI) Research Study: Implications for Policy and Practice Researchers found that the Youth Program Quality Intervention - a scalable, evidence-based continuous improvement model - increases quality among a wide range of afterschool systems, is sustainable and cost-effective, and might boost staff retention. 2/29/2012
The Youth Program Quality Intervention The Youth Program Quality Intervention, recently found effective in a randomized trial, is the basis for numerous improvement projects around the country. The YPQI follows an Assess-Plan-Improve sequence to help programs focus on and improve the quality of program offerings they provide for youth.In this technical assistance brief we describe the YPQI, focusing on how it can be implemented in a city, county, or state network. 9/20/2010
The Youth PQA in the Georgetown Divide This inspiring 12-minute video documents how the Georgetown Divide, a small community in the Sierra foothills of Northern California has embraced a positive youth development approach across the settings where youth spend time and has anchored that commitment through widespread use of the Youth Program Quality Assessment. 10/13/2010
The QuEST Model: Out-of-School Time Contexts and Individual-level Change This brief describes a model for a generic theory of change that highlights the relationship between the qualities of youth experience in out-of-school time (OST) programs. 9/1/2014
The Michigan Technical Assistance and Coaching Support Services (TACSS) Initiative In 2009, MDE partnered with the Weikart Center to provide increased professional development offerings for all grantees and intensive training, coaching, and technical assistance (TA) for a subset of referred grantees. The TACSS initiative was developed as a scalable quality improvement intervention. 1/1/2010
Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention- Phase III Interim Report This Phase III Interim Report describes implementation of the SLPQI in 31 summer learning programs in Denver, Colorado and St Paul, Minnesota during the summer of 2015. This report also provides recommendations for intervention design and implementation in year two. 11/13/2015
Summer Learning Program Quality Intervention (SLPQI) Phase Two Feasibility Study This report provides findings for an evaluation of the implementation of the SLPQI in 32 summer learning programs in Grand Rapids, Mich., Northern California, and Seattle, Wash. 3/25/2015
Summer Learning Program Quality Assessment - 2013 Phase I Pilot Report Summer Learning Program Quality Assessment 2013 Phase I Pilot Report 2/28/2014
Summary of Analyses Related to Nashville After Zone Alliance Program Outcomes