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National Study Shows Positive Impact of Circus Programming on Youth At Risk A study commissioned by AYCO shows exemplary SEL skill-building in programs... 12/1/2017
Moving Towards Quality This inspiring 14-minute video was made by Community Bridge Video for the California Afterschool Network about the Youth Program Quality Assessment tool and other point-of-service evaluations. 12/20/2011
Moving the Needle on "Moving the Needle" Next stage technical guidance for performance-based accountability systems in the expanded learning field with a focus on performance levels for the quality of instructional services. 12/1/2013
Measuring Youth Program Quality: A Guide to Assessment Tools, 2nd Edition Program quality assessment and improvement continue to be central themes in the after-school and youth development fields. In March 2007 we released the first edition of this report comparing the purpose, history, structure, methodology, content and technical properties of different program observation tools. 1/12/2009
Making Quality a Full-Time Job How one of the country's largest YMCAs is expanding efforts to improve services to kids. 7/31/2012
Making AfterSchool Work for High School Youth In August 2008, the Lansing School District contracted with the Weikart Center to develop a one-year intervention that would dramatically improve management capacity, the quality of instruction at the point of service, and ultimately, attendance by high school aged youth. 1/1/2010
Knowledge Gains from Professional Development Training: Report on the Palm Beach County Afterschool Educator Certificate Pilot This report provides findings from the first year of the Palm Beach County Afterschool Educator Certificate (PBC-AEC) pilot. It appears that year one of the AEC pilot successfully increased youth worker knowledge. 10/18/2010
Inter-rater Reliability on the Youth Program Quality Assessment High/Scope Technical Report - Analysis of Youth PQA Inter-rater Reliability - 2007 1/1/2007
Integrating Innovation and Best Practice: The Message Matters for Afterschool Policy and Funding The Michigan AfterSchool Association Fall Collaborative Conference was held this October for professionals, direct service staff, advocates and supporters of expanded learning opportunities in Michigan. Charles Smith, executive director of the Weikart Center, led the keynote address, Integrating Innovation and Best Practice: The Message Matters for Afterschool Policy & Funding. This presentation focused on emerging findings about afterschool impact on school success and how social and emotional skills are the missing link. 10/20/2014
Improving quality at the point of service Quality in youth programs happens at the point of service and is driven by staff intentionality, supportive professional communities, and aligned system priorities. 1/28/2007