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From Soft Skills to Hard Data: Measuring Youth Program Outcomes Everyone who runs a youth program believes in their hearts that their program helps kids – but in their heads, they know they need convincing data to prove it. This guide from the Forum for Youth Investment – From Soft Skills to Hard Data: Measuring Youth Program Outcomes – updated from 2011, is here to help them get it. 1/16/2014
Program Quality News: November/December 2013 Program Quality News: Family Engagement, School District Adopts Youth Work Methods 12/12/2013
Moving the Needle on "Moving the Needle" Next stage technical guidance for performance-based accountability systems in the expanded learning field with a focus on performance levels for the quality of instructional services. 12/1/2013
Program Quality News: October 2013 Program Quality News: Commitment to Quality, Youth Leadership Skills and Summer Learning 10/28/2013
Program Quality News: September 2013 Program Quality News: Upcoming Events! 9/20/2013
Program Quality News: August 2013 Program Quality News: We are Moving! 8/15/2013
Program Quality News: July 2013 21CCLC Guidelines for Expanded Learning Time 7/9/2013
Program Quality News: June 2013 National Summer Learning Association Pilot; The Afterschool Field 6/20/2013
Program Quality News: May 2013 Youth Driven Spaces; Making a Case for Quality 5/14/2013
Program Quality News: April 2013 Texas 21 CCLC Evaluation Report, NAA Conference, & Events 4/9/2013